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3B3D, PLA Wood 3D Printer Filament

3B3D PLA Wood® Filament

3B3D PLA Wood® Filaments, thanks to the real wood reinforcement materials it contains; It allows printing products with higher resolution, lighter weight and higher thermal properties than standard PLA filaments. It contains 30% filling that you can print with real wood texture.

Spool sizes: 200mm diameter width 75mm

Extruder Temperature


Does not require special "Hot-end"

Bed Temperature


Can be turned off optionally

Nozzle Specs

0,4 mm nozzle

Standard brass can be preferred


Cooling Specs

Fan Speed: 100%

Cooling fan required

Drying Specs

50°C for 4 hours

Maximum value when needed

Heated Chamber

Suitable for open printers,

Does not require a closed or heated chamber


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • High toughness
  • Low chemical resistance
  • Very low warping behavior
  • Wood surface appearance
  • Wood smell emitted during printing
  • Renewable natural raw material
  • Compatibility with all printers


3B3D PLA Wood® Usage Details


Printing DifficultyEasy
Temperature Resistance60 °C
Print Surface FinishAverage
Dissolution Behavior   Very Difficult
Flexibility                         Very Low
Print Speed   Average
Detailed PrintAbove 0.2 mm
Nozzle AbrasionNone
Support SeparationAverage


Filament Data Sheet download



There may be a risk of nozzle clogging due to the wooden reinforcements in it, therefore it is recommended to use 0.4 mm and above nozzles.

3B3D, PLA Wood 3D Printer Filament

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