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Let us support your organisation

3D printing is a fantastic technology which can help you develop next-generation products and solutions. But if you only need one-off printing services, or your printing needs are ad-hoc, justifying a full setup can be hard. Thankfully, 3B3D Printing Solutions is here to help.

As well as supplying high-quality equipment, we also provide 3D prototyping and printing services to businesses. Our in-house setup allows us to create a range of limited production items to suit your business' needs.

Based in Chester, we can support a range of industries throughout the UK.

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Tailored 3D prototyping and manufacturing support

3B3D Printing Solutions has worked with countless businesses across several industries. Take a look at how we can support your business, and get in touch with our team.

Over 10 years' industry expertise

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3d printing in manufacturing industry

UK-wide support

Our work covers range of sectors:

Our team is capable of supporting a range of projects. We can help a range of businesses, including:

  • Architectural. scale models of buildings, frameworks and more.

  • Product design. Bring your ideas to life!

  • Education. We can help create items that bring excitement and wonder to the classroom.

  • Manufacturing. Rapid prototyping and mould design.

  • Defence. We can work with defence contractors throughout the UK on a range of projects.

  • Automation. Develop the machines of the future with our help.

  • Automotive and aerospace. We can support a range of transportation applications.

  • Medical. Our team can help you create the next generation of medical devices and tools.

3d printing in manufacturing industry
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Choose our experts to bring your concepts to life. Call:
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A dedicated team at your service

Having the right setup is one thing, but for next-level prototyping, you need a skilled team. We have over 10 years' industry experience, and are 100% committed to making your ideas a reality. Regardless of how simple or complex your project is, we're committed to offering you an unrivalled service for a competitive price. We are fully equipped to handle a range of 3D printing tasks, and if you're not completely sure on any part of our service, we can offer recommendations.

3d printed shoe prototype
3d printed model of a heart

Step up your 3D printing capacity

If you're considering in--house 3D printing capability, speak to our team today. 3B3D Printing Solutions offers a wide range of printers, filaments and more from the likes of Zaxe and Porima. We can help you choose the ideal setup for your applications, and offer competitively priced UK-wide delivery.

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