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3B3D HIPS Support Filament

HIPS Support Filaments are an excellent support material for ABS and ASA filaments thanks to their dissolubility. In addition, it has a matte appearance and a structure that almost invisible layers in HIPS prints. It can be used in all printers thanks to its easy use and moisture-proof features.

Spool sizes: 200mm diameter width 75mm

Extruder Temperature


Does not require special "Hot-end"

Bed Temperature


High temperature is preferred

Nozzle Specs

0,4 mm nozzle

Standard brass can be preferred


Cooling Specs

Fan Speed: 100%

Cooling fan required

Drying Specs

Not required

Does not absorb moisture

Heated Chamber

Suitable for open printers,

Does not require a closed or heated chamber


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Strong support material
  • Does not absorb moisture, does not require drying
  • Completely soluble with D-Limonene
  • Easily separated from prints
  • Works perfectly with ABS and ASA filaments
  • It has a matte appearance
  • Food compatible and recyclable
  • Compatibility with all printers


Porima HIPS® Usage Details


Printing DifficultyVery easy
Temperature Resistance85 °C
Print Surface FinishEasy
Dissolution BehaviorVery Easy
Print SpeedFast
Detailed PrintBelow 0.2 mm
Nozzle AbrasionNone
Support SeparationVery Easy


Filament Data Sheet download




3B3D HIPS Support Filament

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