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Filament PM, Industrial  PPJet

PPJet (polypropylene)
- technical plastic of common use
- high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, salts, water, etc.
- one of the most used plastics in various industries, suitable for prototyping and property testing
- low density - so light it can float on the water
- highly tough and flexible material, has high layer adhesion, therefore is extremely impact resistant
- heat resistance (up to 100 °C)
- health harmlessness
- check out our video on the durability of our PPJet

Nozzle: 210 - 230 °C
Heatbed: 80 - 100 °C
▪ draft-free environment, closed chamber recommended
▪ fan speed: 100%
▪ for a better adhesion using the MAGIGOO PP glue or printing on an office PP tape is recommended
▪ for the bigger object we recommend using function brim - 5 mm
▪ it's also necessary to lower pressure under the extruder wheel

✅ Heat resistance (up to 100 °C)❌ Closed chamber
✅ Flexible, strong and tough❌ Problem printing on printers with Bowden tube extrusion system
✅ So light it can float on the water 


Diameter1.75 mm
Tolerance0,05 mm
Weight0.5 kg
Empty spool weight0.204 kg
Packaging weight0.84 kg
Packaging dimensionswidth: 225 mm, height: 65 mm, depth: 210 mm
Nozzle210 - 230 °C
Heatbed100 - 110 °C
RALcan not be specified
Pantonecan not be specified
ManufacturerFilament PM (Plasty Mladeč)


Filament PM, Industrial PPJet

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