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Filament PM, Industrial TPE88 Flex Rubber Jet

TPE 32 RUBBERJet (thermoplastic elastomer)
- polyolefin-based material
- flexible material similar to rubber
- designation of input material 88A ➡ shore 72.5A / 16D (test report)
- perfectly vibration damping
- highly impact, chemical and water resistant
- matt surface
- smooth non-stick surface pleasant to the touch
- excellently printable
- very popular material that no maker should definitely miss
- the use of this material is very wide and it is up to you and your creativity how well you use this special filament
- it is suitable, for example, for printing keychains, covers for mobile phones, tires for RC cars and possibly other parts that are designed to be impact resistant
- check out our video on RUBBERJet material

Nozzle: 220 - 240 °C
Heatbed: 0
▪ speed: 10 - 20 mm/s
▪ for a better adhesion printing on an office PP tape is recommended

✅ Easy to print❌ Poor adhesion to the bed
✅ Don't clog the nozzle❌ Problem printing on printers with Bowden tube extrusion system
✅ The flexibility of printed objects 
✅ Perfectly vibration damping 
✅ Highly impact, chemical and water resistant 
✅ Adhesion of layers 
✅ Washability 
✅ Excellent mechanical properties - tensile strength, abrasion resistance 


Tolerance0,1 mm
Packaging weight0.84 kg
Diameter1.75 mm
Nozzle210 - 230 °C
Weight0.5 kg
Empty spool weight0.204 kg
Spool dimensionsdiameter: 200 mm, height: 55 mm
Packaging dimensionswidth: 225 mm, height: 65 mm, depth: 210 mm


Filament PM, Industrial TPE88 Flex Rubber Jet

colour: Blue (RAL5015)
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