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Filament PM, Tasty Pack PLA Filament

PLA (polylactic acid) 
- easy to print material
- is suitable for printing large objects
- is made from corn starch and biodegradable
- is suitable for beginners, as printing from it is trouble-free
- PLA prints are not ideal for outdoor use (low-temperature resistance, low UV resistance)

Nozzle: 200 - 220°C
Heatbed: 60 °C
Printable with standard 0.4mm nozzle.

✅ Easy to print❌ Brittle
✅ Can print tiny parts❌ Low-temperature resistance
✅ Can print huge parts❌ Difficult post-processing
✅ Hard and tough 
✅ No warping 


Diameter1.75 mm
Weight5x0,3 kg
Tolerance0,05 mm
Nozzle200 - 220 °C
Heatbed60 °C
Empty spool weight0,130 kg
RALcan not be specified
Pantonecan not be specified
ManufacturerFilament PM (Plasty Mladeč)


Filament PM, Tasty Pack PLA Filament

colour: Tasty Pack
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