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Filament PM Recycled PLA+

The same quality of PLA+ but recycled

Given that we take our PLA+ as the future flagship among our filaments,  recycling this material and creating RePLA+ is the next logical step not only in recycling but also in more efficient production and a more favorable price. The technological process of production is identical to our standard production, with the only difference being that we use recycled granulate for its production.
The tolerance of the printing string diameter is identical to the normal tolerance of our spools (0.02 - 0.05 mm).

Same for printing as PLA+, but cheaper

Due to our highest standards, the task was to bring recycled material that will not have a consistent color (impossible to achieve), but the same printing quality as our PLA+. And it worked! So all you have to do is send the filament for printing and enjoy trouble-free printing with a better price tag

Perfect post-processing

If you have experience with the subsequent editing of prints, then you know that the different color between the spools does not matter so much.
You do plan to further process and color the print. If you add that RePLA+ has the same quality as our classic PLA+ and you buy it for a better price? That's a must-have!
It's up to you how you handle the material. Whether you're testing, prototyping, or getting ready for a life-size Dwayne Johnson model. If the pleasant sound of returning axes on the printer after printing does not mean the end of the creation, but only the beginning, this material is made for you!

Nozzle: 190 - 210 °C
Heatbed: 60 °C

✅ Much easier printing❌ Low-temperature resistance
✅ Cool matte appearance 
✅ Higher viscosity 
✅ More consistent layers 
✅ Great in lower temperatures (bridging and overhangs) 
✅ Suitable for 3D pens




Diameter1.75 mm
Tolerance0,05 mm
Weight1 kg
Empty spool weight0.216 kg
Packaging weight1.38 kg
Spool dimensionsdiameter: 200 mm, height: 75 mm
Nozzle190 - 210 °C
Heatbed60 °C
Pantonecan not be specified
RALcan not be specified
ManufacturerFilament PM (Plasty Mladeč)


Filament PM Recycled PLA+

colour: Recycled
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