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Zaxe X3 3D Printer

Compact Industrial 3D Printing Solutions with Zaxe X3

Zaxe X3 provides an affordable industrial 3D printing experience on a smaller scale with a Titanium E3D V6 Printhead, CoreXY system and passive heated chamber.

  • E3D V6 Titanium Hotend Printhead

    Achieve optimal productivity without any fear of clogging with Zaxe X3's new E3D V6 titanium Printhead. V6 will prolong your Zaxe X3's service life and allow you to get the same performance after each print consistently for years.


  • Fully Automatic Calibration

    Zaxe X3’s fully automatic calibration system completely eliminates guesswork and reduces the margin of error. Even inexperienced users can achieve perfect calibration and save time when they use their 3D printer.



  • HEPA, CARBON Filters

    Responsible, environmentally friendly, and reliable. Zaxe X3 comes with 1 HEPA Filters that are designed to prevent the release of odor and harmful microparticles.

  • Colorful Guiding LEDs

    LED modules interact with users by illuminating the states of the functions. They give you feedback on printing phases so you always know the step you are on.

  • 110° Swing Door

    We designed a hinge system with a 110° opening angle which allows users to get inside the machine comfortably for maintenance.

  • Innovative CoreXY Mechanical System

    Experience the world-class 3D printing performance of Zaxe X3 thanks to the innovative CoreXY Mechanical System. Zaxe x3 will provide you with the speed, precision, and consistency that you need to take your production efficiency to the next level.


  • Sturdy Steel Body

    Vibration during high-speed printing sessions can decrease print quality. Zaxe X3 has a body that is manufactured in one single piece. The stable frame reduces vibrations during intense printing sessions which guarantees better print quality every time you use it.


  • Powerful Zaxe Electronics

  • X3's backbone is the new xBoard. This new motherboard comes equipped with a 32-bit processor and 5 drivers and will be the base of operations for your X3.


Meet Our Printing Table

  • Flexible

    Take your print out without the need for a scraper. The flexible spring steel structure allows it to bend easily and makes removing your print from the build plate easier.


  • Textured or Smooth

    Always have a perfect first layer. You can choose between a smooth or textured surface according to your needs.


  • Magnetic

    Thanks to its magnetic properties, it can be easily removed from the heatbed and reattached effortlessly.


  • Technical Specifications


Printing Properties

Nozzle Diameter

0,25/0,4/0,5/0,6 mm

Layer Resolution

25 - 400 Micron

Bed Material

Heated, Flexible, Magnetic PEI Build Table

Bed Max Temp.


Extruder Max Temp.


3D Printer Properties


410 x 583 x 530 mm

Build Volume

220 x 230 x 250 mm

Print Area

Closed, Heat Insulated

User Panel

5" Color Touch Screen


Single, E3D Titanium Printhead


Fully Automatic

Power Outage Protection


Filament Sensor



HEPA + Carbon Filter

Warranty Period

24 Months

Software & Connectivity



Supported File Types

.stl, .amf, .gcode


Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Flash Disk


Material Feed

Filament Spool

Filament Diameter

1,75 mm

Supported Materials

PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flex and Carbonfiber, Wood, Copper, Metal Filled Filaments


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Zaxe X3 3D Printer

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