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3D printing software

Manage your 3D printer efficiently and ensure flawless prints, with the support of 3B3D Printing Solutions. We work with businesses up and down the UK. Get touch today.

Choose the right software package for your setup

When choosing a 3D printer, you'll also want to make sure you have the right software to run it. 3B3D Printing Solutions recommends xDesktop and xCloud, both available from Zaxe. It is fully compatible with the 3D printers we currently stock, including the popular X3 and Z3 models.

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Enjoy exceptional control with


xDesktop is one of the leading software packages for 3D printing. Created y the team at Zaxe, it allows users to remotely manage multiple 3D printers (via wi-fi or cable connectivity), allowing you to fully manage your 3D production needs. 

The software offers a user-friendly setup, allowing even novice users to quickly learn the essentials. For more advanced users, the advanced slider tools allow for more precise setup and the chance to experiment.

xDesktop is compatible with Windows and iMac (speak to our team to see if your device is compatible).

xDesktop software

Print on the go with xCloud

The latest in remote and mobile 3D printing, xCloud allows you to monitor and manage prints from your mobile phone or tablet. You have the ability to send print files, check materials and settings, and monitor the progress of your print, wherever you are.

It's super simple to connect Zaxe printers, simply scan the QR code and you're on your way. xCloud is fully compatible with Apple devices; download the app or scan the QR code on the xCloud page.

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