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Zaxe Z3S 3D Printer

The Perfect 3D Printing Experience with Zaxe Z3S

Achieve optimal speed with E3D Revo Highflow update! E3D prolongs your Z3S service life and allows you to rapid nozzle change at the same time. You get four times faster performance, your printing time will significantly shorten.


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  • E3D Revo Highflow update!
  • Innovative Core XY Mechanical System
  • Fully Automatic Calibration
  • Passive Heated Chamber
  • Klipper Integrated Zaxe Firmware
  • Sturdy Aluminum Body
  • Power Loss Recovery System
  • Colorful Guiding LEDs
  • 110° Swing Door
  • HEPA, CARBON Filters



Printing Properties

Nozzle Diameter :   0,25/0,4/0,5/0,6 mm

Layer Resolution : 25 - 600 Micron

Bed Material : Heated, Flexible, Magnetic PEI Build Table

Bed Max Temp. : 110°C

Extruder Max Temp. : 300°C


3D Printer Properties

Dimensions : 585 x 665 x 667 mm

Build Volume : 400 x 300 x 350 mm

Print Area : Closed, Heat Insulated

User Panel : 7" Color Touch Screen

Print Head : Single, E3D Revo Highflow update!

Calibration : Fully Automatic & Z Tilt

Camera : Yes

Power Outage Protection : Yes

Filament Sensor : Yes

Filter : HEPA + Carbon Filter

Warranty Period : 12 Months +extended Warranty


Software & Connectivity

Software : xDesktop

Supported File Types : .stl, .amf, .gcode

Connections : Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Flash Disk



Material Feed : Filament Spool

Filament Diameter : 1,75 mm

Supported Materials : PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flex and Carbonfiber, Wood, Copper, Metal Filled Filaments

Zaxe Z3S 3D Printer

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