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Zaxe Z3

If you are looking for the latest innovation in design and quality when it comes to a 3D printer, the Zaxe Z3 is your solution.  Speak to the team at 3B3D Printing Solutions today, or find out more about what this fantastic 3D printer can offer.

UK-wide delivery available for the Zaxe Z3

The new Zaxe Z3 is the perfect industrial 3D printer and comes with Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity. It has an easily accessible touchscreen with a user friendly interface and can even be controlled remotely using xCloud.  The Zaxe Z3 features an innovative core XY mechanical system for a stable printing experience that offers both speed and quality. Check out some of the detail below and contact 3B3D Printing Solutions to find out more. We offer friendly advice and information when it comes to investing in the best 3D printer for your industry.

Zaxe Z3 3D Printer core XY
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Utilising the new generation

E3D V6 Titanium Print Head

Featuring Bondtech gears, redesigned cooling channels and a new filament path, the Z3 is able to offer perfect results every time. Clogging is prevented in a way it was never was before and service life is prolonged due to the combination of new design and high end parts.


The new design allows for vibration while printing to be reduced and the body of the Zaxe Z3 is produced from one single piece of aluminium which provides enhanced stability and improves overall performance.

The motherboard is still at the heart of the Zaxe Z3 and has a 32-bit processor and the new system-on-chip design, 'Raspberry Pi 5'.  Security measures also feature for a safe 3D printing experience, as does the latest automatic calibration system.

Compatible with the following materials:

  •  ABS

  •  ASA

  • PLA

  • PETG

  • FLEX

  • PET CF15

  • 316L

  • PP

Zaxe Z3 3D Printer Printhead

An improved user experience in every way


No need for a spatula. The Zaxe Z3 has a flexible spring steel structure, allowing it to bend easily so that pulling your print out is easier than ever.​


A perfect first layer, every time. Choose a smooth or textured surface according to your needs.​


Its magnetic structure means it can be easily removed from the build plate and reattached with the minimum of effort.

Powerful Zaxe electronics


The Z3's zBoard has a 32-bit processor, equipped with the new system-on-chip design: Raspberry Pi 5. The zBoard provides the power and speed to dramatically increase your manufacturing efficiency.


Z3’s new automatic calibration system eliminates the need for guesswork. Even inexperienced users will benefit from perfect calibration and quicker printing times!

Zaxe Z3 3D Printer
Remote control with xCloud

Unbeatable design features

HEPA & carbon filters

The two HEPA filters prevent the release of odour and harmful microparticles, making the Z3 responsible and environmentally friendly.

110° swing door

The 100° opening angle allows users to get inside the machine for ease of maintenance.

Colourful guiding LEDs

LED modules illuminate the state of each function, giving you feedback in order to describe the printing phases.

Power loss recovery

Had a power outage? No cause for alarm. Printing will be automatically stopped and will continue from it where it left off once power returns.

WiFi module

Send prints, examine the settings and get notified by all updates automatically, all from your smart phone. The Z3 also has USB and Ethernet ports for when internet is unavailable.

Remote control with xCloud

xCloud enables you to monitor your printing process remotely. See your model being printed in real time via the camera in your printer.

Klipper integrated Zaxe firmware

By integrating Klipper into the Zaxe firmware, world-class industrial performance can be achieved with ease. Klipper supports printers with multiple micro-controllers.

Multi-industry support

3d printing for manufacturing industry


Introduce your Manufacturing line with additive manufacturing. With our Zaxe Z3 industrial printers,no more waiting for expensive molds,enjoy the rapid prototyping experience without worrying about expensive revisions.

Z3 dimensions front
Z3 dimensions internal

Printing Properties

  • Nozzle Diameter
    0,25/0,4/0,5/0,6 mm

  • Layer Resolution
    25 - 600 Micron

  • Bed Material
    Heated, Flexible, Magnetic PEI Build Table

  • Bed Max Temp.

  • Extruder Max Temp.

3D Printer Properties

  • Dimensions
    585 x 665 x 667 mm

  • Build Volume
    400 x 300 x 350 mm

  • Print Area
    Closed, Heat Insulated

  • User Panel
    7" Colour Touch Screen

  • Print Head
    Single, Titanium E3D V6

  • Calibration
    Fully Automatic & Z Tilt

  • Camera

  • Power Outage Protection

  • Filament Sensor

  • Filter
    HEPA + Carbon Filter

  • Warranty Period
    24 Months

Software & Connectivity

  • Software

  • Supported File Types
    .stl, .amf, .gcode

  • Connections
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Flash Disc


  • Material Feed
    Filament Spool

  • Filament Diameter
    1,75 mm
    Supported Materials
    PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flex and Carbonfibre, Wood, Copper, Metal Filled Filaments

Abstract Futuristic Background

Order your new Zaxe Z3 3D printer from 3B3D Printing Solutions

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Zaxe Z3

Zaxe Z3 aftercare, parts and support

If you choose to support your 3D printing solutions by purchasing the innovative Zaxe Z3, from 3B3D Printing Solutions, you can be sure that you are in great hands. We offer after care, support, parts and advice and information about using your printer.

We also offer in-house prototyping to UK businesses, so matter what you need, the team at  3B3D Printing Solutions is always happy to assist. Based in Chester, we provide 3D printers to several different industries throughout the UK, including the manufacturing industry, automotive industry, product designers and more.


3d printing in manufacturing industry


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